Our Objective

Often seen as just another trading technology company, Order Flow Analytics actually strives to pioneer service-led solutions through exceptional tools, support and training in an industry known to be severely lacking in all three.

Trading is a game of information and strategy.  OFA offers professional and retail traders knowledge-based benefits by delivering complex tick-by-tick analysis of the Order Flow in simple to understand, intuitive charts.

Properly navigating financial markets requires a level playing field.  Order Flow Analysis is the common knowledge most traders are missing.  With proper training, support and technology – OFA’s objective is to provide a permanent advantage to those willing to master the markets.





Free OFA Resources:  Not sure where to start? Begin with free webinars, free OFA/Ninja software and discover the power of Order Flow Analysis at your own pace.

Explore OFA Software:  Not just another volume breakout chart, OFA technology is focused on print reading algos to revolutionize the way traders use Order Flow


Real Training from Real Traders:  Tired of buying software without results?  Stop the bleeding.  Work directly with OFA to achieve trading success once and for all.


Free Sales Consultation:  Confused about options?  Want to speak with an actual human?  OFA is service-driven and we’re here to help.